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    Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint Petersburg
    The Arctic is our common house, so we must exploit this pantry of natural resources wisely and judiciously. The First Conference Arctic - The Territory Of Friendship And Cooperation has shown that countries of the Arctic Council are ready for an effective dialogue on the future of the region.
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    Artur Nikolayevich Chilingarov, President of the State Polar Academy
    Only understanding and mutual assistance should dominate in the Arctic. International scientific cooperation should last not for just one day, but at least have a decade perspective to make possible for us further research of the Arctic and its climate. And the Forum, where scientists meet, assists in doing that.

Hockey Tournament Arctic Cup

Annual International Hockey Tournament ARCTIC CUP was established in 2011 by “Neftegazmontazhservis” and Arcticmorgeo companies. This initiative was approved and supported by the Government of St. Petersburg, the global hockey community, national hockey federations of the Arctic Council Member States, headed by the President of the International Hockey FederationRené Fasel, the President of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretiak; also support was provided by the President of the Association of Polar Explorers of the Russian Federation, the famous polar explorer and scientist Artur Chilingarov, and by many other prominent public figures.

The main objective of the Tournament is to attract interest to the research of natural Arctic resources through the peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation, and to create a platform for cultural exchange between the Arctic Council Member States. Hockey tournament takes place annually within the business section. In 2012 the international tournament for amateur teams of the Arctic Council ARCTIC CUP is one of the main activities of the International Forum Arctic: Today And The Future.

In 2012 it was decided to expand the format of ARCTIC CUP and hold a separate hockey tournament – ARCTIC CUP JUNIOR among amateur junior teams of the Arctic Council Member States.

The Second International Hockey Tournament ARCTIC CUP 2012 and ARCTIC CUP JUNIOR 2012 will take place in St. Petersburg on December 6 9, 2012.

Tournament regulations provide the following:

  • The Tournament shall be attended by 16 teams, one children’s (10-12 years old) and one adult (40 and older) team from each of the eight Arctic Council Member States (Russia, USA, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland);
  • Adult teams include legendary hockey players, the conference participants, public figures, representatives of business and communities;
  • Childrens teams include pupils of sports schools, students of social childcare facilities.
  • Four days of competitions, December 6 9, will hold 4 games a day on the main and small arenas of the Yubileyny Sports Palace. Competitions are held under the rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Matches in 2 groups, semi-finals and finals;
  • A series of games will result in awarding ARCTIC CUP to the winner team in its category;
  • The Tournament opening ceremony will be held prior to the fourth game of the first day of the Tournament, the closing ceremony - after the final (the last game of the last day). Prizes are awarded to the best players of teams;
  • Press briefing with the participation of a winning team, the members of the Board of Trustees, and guests of honor at the end of the Tournament.

Games will be open to the public. The entrance will be provided by commercially available tickets.

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